Women’s March in Des Moines

by Winifred Standing


It was my daughter Cheri’s request that we join the Women’s  March in Des Moines as a way to put a positive spin on the day.  She and Kathy (another daughter) had been keeping in touch with plans as they were announced.  Originally folks were to gather on the west side of the State Capitol for the welcome and pep-up, then march together and finally move into the central rotunda  of the capitol building for speeches, music, etc.

The organizers were hoping at least 1000 would attend.  But the numbers swelled at an amazing rate—final estimate was 26,000!  The weather cooperated, so folks stayed outside for the duration–from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We could just feel the exuberance and close fellowship being shared by women, men, children, a variety of races and nationalities, of all ages.  In addition to signs of the many organizations represented, there were many, many handmade signs–some funny, some serious, some clever and some crude.  One our favorite sign messages was:  “They thought they buried us, but they didn’t realize we are Seeds!”

But all concerned for the needs of the people, and for peace and justice for all.  So very encouraging and uplifting after the despair we felt after the election.

Others from our meeting also attended, though we didn’t see each other.  Our family didn’t stay for the whole time–it did get chilly.  But I feel, especially after seeing the news reports of the large turnout for these sister marches all around the world, that people care enough about the issues that concern us, that we can make an impact in positive ways.  Also, my inbox is flooded every day with requests and advice from the many organizations that are fired up to counter the negative issues coming out of the new administration.

There is great strength in our united efforts!

Also, Rodger Routh created this video at the march.  Cheri says it is fine for you to put it out if you like.  Rodger and his wife Mary were classmates of Cheri in Earlham.  Cheri and Mary have been good friends through the years.

by Winifred Standing


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