Ashley Shanahan Family Remembers Don Laughlin

The Ashley Shanahan family is very sad that we could not be at Don Laughlin’s memorial. Each and every one of us hold special images and memories of our time with Don.

As 6 year olds, twins Kieran and Callum declared Don was “their new best Friend” after he introduced them to his spectacular house and its inner workings.

Don helped Mark, David (Scattergood’s former math teacher) Jim Yi ’16 and Sebastian ’15 put up solar panels and connect them to a rain barrel with the idea of trying out a solar shower on campus for the 125th event on campus.

Don was a big fan of strawberries and always came out to pick on campus donating a great deal to the kitchen. He would also reverse his biodiesel truck on to the campus in one of his many trips to campus to shovel out mulch for the trees and making the young people look relatively in effective. Don was always helping out on the campus and farm and he really loved the students and mission. Anytime the students could experience real time/real life  learning , Don was happy.

Don was excited about the most recent addition to the farm, the vegetable packing shed  and he helped make way for the new by helping raze the red barn ( which he had helped build, decades before).

Don was always looking to reduce reuse and recycle and his donation of the bike with the generator attached was a thrill for all of us.

This was just a few things the family I were thinking about today as we have thanks for knowing and loving Don. He lives in our hearts.

Christine Mark Sebastian Kieran Callum


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