Global Warming

by Wanda Knight

Life is Good — What does Global Warming have to do with me. Scientists say things will be really bad in 80 years — at age 84, I doubt that I’ll be around then. But then there are my grandchildren and Great grandchildren — that is another issue — I do want all of my offspring to have a good life too.

Ice is melting around Greenland, and it is warming at the poles.  The cause lands on man’s use of fossil fuels and energy. There will not be enough oxygen if man doesn’t do something about restoring the Timbers and plant life. We may not know where our next breathe is coming unless we start right now realizing what we are doing to our world.

Where shall we start? It seems so puny considering what one person can do, but wait a minute ……there are around 200 people right here at our Village – 200 X 1 begins to look significant.

First: before you turn a light on — think — do you need more light?  Perhaps raising the blind would help. It is good to remember the on switch can be used as an off switch — whether it be a light switch, the toaster or microwave. While clearing up after a meal, put all things that will go in the refrigerator by the refrigerator door — now you can open the door just once.  When you replace a light bulb — replace it with a CFL bulb (even though the lamp shade doesn’t fit well). We could use less heat and less air conditioning — get those sweaters from the closet, and how about using the “not used often” swimming suit on hot days. Possibly we would have to change some of the attire rules at the coffee shop or Marc’s coffee on hot mornings.

How many times do you get your car out when it really isn’t necessary? God gave us legs even though some of them are wearing out. We could make one trip a week out into the world to take care of our chores — have you heard of condensing chores? If we all went to the same Dr. it would be helpful too.
When you brush your teeth — do you turn the spigot off during each process? Use cold water instead of hot whenever possible. How about a nice cold shower to start the day? No, I’m not recommending that either, but we could wash our clothes in cold water. We could cut down the force of the shower water, and not stay in the shower too long.

Plant a tree is another suggestion. For memorials we could plant trees here on the campus. Of course we would have to take into account the number of us in our nineties — we might soon have a forest on our hands. The plantings we have here are indeed helpful, just hope we get some rain this spring to quench their thirst. There is so much plastic used in marketing. Three things we should keep in mind are REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE — and the most helpful thing we can do is to encourage people we meet in life to take Global Warming seriously.


5 thoughts on “Global Warming

  1. Hello Wanda – What a wonderful article! I could hear you speaking as I read it. I also LOVED looking at the photos – I have so many fond memories of you and my mom laughing and crafting together. Thank you for all of the great reminders on what we can be doing to help our earth. Happy Easter! – Jodie (Anderson) Beach


  2. Wanda, it is my honor to know you. I have such fond memories of growing up as your neighbor. You always made me feel welcomed, loved and valued. (even if Tom and I made you want to holler! ) Thank you for caring so deeply about our earth and those you have known.
    Kris (Kristi Knuth)


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