Eva D Stanley


I think everywhere there are those factions to contend with.  Some want to be at the head of everything and often those are the least desirable, and the ones that might do better are shy, afraid to say what they think, so are just still and let the others ride over them and carry on.   It is just that lack of true Christian principles and kindly loving care that has broken up so many meetings, and scattered the sheep.  If we all could strive harder, and try faithfully to do our part, and in a kindly way say what we feel to be right, our meetings would have more life and we would be guided by our Heavenly Father to do and say what we are required to, be it ever so little.  We all need to walk closer to God that he may guide us, otherwise our efforts are in vain.  Maybe it is your place to talk plainly to …, in a kindly way.  Maybe they do not realize just where they are and what doing.

Eva D Stanley





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