Amy (Standing) Haworth

by Herbert Standing


I have just now noted your query concerning the Haworth family on a Dallas County, IA genealogical web page.

I am a nephew of Amy Standing, second wife of Cecil Haworth. Neil Haworth, younger son of Cecil Haworth, became ill with lung cancer, and when he could no longer live by himself, he came out to Iowa to stay with his stepmother, Amy (Standing) Haworth and died about one month later.

I was present at the time of his burial in Bear Creek Cemetery in rural Union Twp., Dallas County, IA.

When I wrote a sketch of this family about 1991 for use in the genealogical work: SOME QUAKER FAMILIES: SCARBOROUGH/HAWORTH, a brother and sister of Neil Haworth were still living, but I have heard nothing of them in recent years. The last I heard, the brother Edward Haworth was in poor health and his house in Whittier, CA had been badly damaged in an earthquake and there was some question about whether to try to repair it. The sister, Rose (Haworth) Clouse may have at one time been associated with a book store.

Herbert Standing



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