Albert and Lorene Standing

by Alberta Kisling

My Mother Lorene Stanley Standing was born on a farm near Whittier, Iowa. She attended Scattergood and Olney Boarding Schools. She taught school in Whittier for several years before she married. My Father, Albert Standing was born on a farm near Earlham, Iowa and was raised in the Bear Creek neighborhood. He attended Scattergood where he met my Mom. They were married in 1926 and were financially impacted by the great depression. Their neighbors lost their jobs so Mom and Dad gave them milk from their cows green beans from their garden and oatmeal. This was very typical of how they lived their lives. Many, many times they would help people who were having problems. They never received or wanted recognition. They worked hard, lived simply and cared for those who needed help.

After Dad died we took Mom on a trip to Colorado. We had never heard of altitude sickness and drove this 90+ year old lady up the mountains to Rocky Mountain National Park. The next morning she came out of the bedroom and said “I’m sick” She was a great believer in Homeopathic Medicine and always carried some with her. “What medicine do you need” I asked “I need Tylenol” “Have you ever taken Tylenol? I asked” ”No but I need it now.”

They were faithful Quakers all their lives, serving on committees, caretakers of the Whittier Community Building for years after they retired and Dad mowed the Cemetery for years. They both took care of Grandma.

There was a family in Whittier – a member of the community said it was a sad day for Whittier when they moved here.   Mom did not agree, she had her name on the list to be called if any of their children got sick at school – she would go get them. She taught the girls to cook and sew. They gave the family food when the father was unemployed.

This is what young Jeff Kisling said at his Grandmother Lorene’s Memorial Service “We don’t know what happens after we die, but one aspect of life after death we do know about is the influence of someone like Lorene and Albert continues to exert on the lives of those who know and loved them. Not only do memories of them continue to comfort us, but what they said, how they lived, things they did with us and for us remain with us always.”




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